Bromelain For Health

All About Bromelain For Health

In recent times, it is health that is being given the most importance. This is why doctors and scientists with diverse expertise are always trying to come up with new discoveries that can help improve the quality of life and bring in answers to unresolved health issues. While we wait to see what kind of new health solutions the medical world comes up with, there is one discovery that occurred back in 1891, which is now being used for so many health and non-health uses. And it all came from a Pineapple.

Bromelain, which is an enzyme extracted from the pineapple plant (Ananas Comosus) mainly from the stems, was discovered decades ago and has a history of being used as a folk medicine too. This is why this goes back several centuries and was seen in Central and South America. This protein-digesting enzyme has multiple health benefits and several global research companies along with the help of experienced professionals from the medical world are trying to research and find out if there are even more possible benefits.

Overall, Bromelain is known to help issues associated with inflammation, pain, nasal congestion, digestion, and the promotion of apoptotic cell death. But along with this, Bromelain is also known to possess properties that can help treat issues such as arthritis, infections and help promote weight loss or maintenance. It is also being used as a popular health supplement or towards skincare.

What are the uses of Bromelain?

The information you have already read is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more uses of Bromelain and we are about to enlighten you with it:

Good for Sinusitis

Bromelain has proven useful in helping reduce the symptoms of sinusitis. As per several studies conducted, it helps improve breathing and reduces nasal inflammation. When used along with recommended medication, it can also help relieve and reduce inflammation of the sinuses. This is why this enzyme also comes in handy in helping relieve allergic and bronchial asthma or any other forms of allergic airway diseases. 

Useful for Major Burns

When used in the form of a topical cream, Bromelain is highly effective when it comes to second-and third-degree burns. It helps by safely removing damaged tissue from the wounds. However, there is not enough evidence to prove if this can help treat such wounds completely from all aspects.

Helpful for the Heart

According to reports, it is said that Bromelain when used correctly can help treat cardiovascular diseases and can help life-altering issues such as strokes, heart attacks, and other heart diseases. Since Bromelain can help make blood platelets clot, this can help treat high blood pressure too.


While more extensive research still needs to be conducted, studies have shown that Bromelain can help battle cancer by stopping the proliferation of cancer cells through apoptosis, which is a cell death program of the body often induced when the body no longer needs a set of skin cells or tries to shed damaged or broken skin. It also contains properties that can help prevent malignancy. 

Market Value and Future Potential

While it may seem like Bromelain is mainly popular in the health care industry, you will be surprised to know that the popularity of this enzyme is the most in the meat and seafood industry. The reason behind this is the fact that Bromelain is widely used as a meat tenderizer. Along with this, there is a demand for this enzyme from bakeries, beverage sectors, and even from the cosmetics industry. 

As per a market research report published by Stallion market research, the global Bromelain market currently stands at USD 41.2 and is estimated to reach USD 81.8 million by the year 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of 7.10%.

With meat consumption rates and health concerns on the rise, it is anticipated that the market demand for this enzyme is only going to increase in the coming years, thereby possibly making it one of the most wanted enzymes.

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