Hardware, Software, and Service

Stallion Market Research has been monitoring the hardware, software, and I.T. service sector for market research for the service industry. Our observations conclude that the hardware-software services market is expected to grow to USD 30.10 billion, at a CAGR of 29%, by 2025. The pandemic has drastically affected nearly every business sector, but the I.T. spending for most businesses will continue to grow despite the uncertainty. Hardware as a service market requires the adoption of new strategies to balance the effect of the pandemic. In 2019, North America contributed 43% to the global computer hardware market, and the Asia Pacific region accounted for 29%. The Internet of Things is an emerging trend in the computer sector as it merges the physical and digital world. It hosts several growth opportunities for companies, governments, and direct consumers despite its complex ecosystem with multiple aspects, including device vendors, communication service providers, software vendors, and I.T. service providers. Stallion Market Research provides a holistic analysis of market size, forecasts, trends, growth drivers, and industry challenges of the hardware-software services market.

hardware as a service market

Market Size

Building smart cities are expected to drive the market demand for hardware, software, and I.T. services as governments worldwide are investing enormously in it. Economic instability is a product of human health impacts and the pandemic crisis that has challenged the hardware-software services market. With the pandemic being the catalyst for business transformation, nearly 76% of businesses have planned on long-term I.T. infrastructure changes, and 44% of them have already accelerated or planned for digital transformation. Stallion Market Research has collected data and found that 36% of companies plan to improve hardware, software, and I.T. service operations and system performance. Stallion Market Research has observed a year-over-year growth in the tech spending of 33% of companies by improving security, risk, and governance. Actively promote the smart-city initiatives and global development with the accumulated hardware, software, and I.T. services market research from Stallion Market Research.

  • Forecasting

Stallion Market Research projects the worldwide I.T. spend between USD 3 to 4 trillion in 2021 with an increase of around 6.2% from 2020. Businesses’ on-premise server spending is expected to decrease from 14% of hardware budgets (2020) to 12% in 2021. The expenditure on security applications is predicted to be around 7% in 2021 compared to 5% in 2019. All segments of the hardware, software, and I.T. services are forecasted to grow in 2021, with the most robust rebound of between 8% to 9% of the enterprise software services market. The devices segment is expected to grow at around 8%, with a projected I.T. spend between USD 705 – 706 billion. The hardware as a service market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 23% in the next five years. Consult with Stallion Market Research for expert analysts and research methodologies to get a comprehensive market analysis for promoting your products and services within the hardware, software, and I.T. services sector.

  • Market growth rate

Digital technologies have gained popularity as a critical source of economic growth, national security, and international competitiveness. The sector of hardware, software, and I.T. services has influenced ordinary citizens’ social well-being and the global trajectory. It forms everything from resource allocation to income distribution, revenue generation, and growth. Businesses have accepted cloud software solutions across different sectors as it eliminates the physical storage space. As cloud computing services continue to grow, Stallion Market Research’s computer hardware market research with other segments analysis predicts that the hardware, software, and I.T. services will grow in demand across different business sectors.

  • Segmental analysis

Type, model, and services broadly segment the global hardware, software, and I.T. services market. Telecom services are considered the largest segment within this sector, with a 25% market share. Stallion Market Research predicts the global communication services is expected to increase by 3.25% in 2021 to around USD 1.4 trillion. The recession brought by the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a mixed growth impact, but the I.T. device budgets have returned to the previous levels from 2020. Stallion Market Research helps examine and assess current business performance based on the current state of competitive business segments.

Competitive Landscape

Powered by the technology advancements, the hardware, software, and I.T. service industry dominates the services-producing sectors. Gain insights into the best practices for operational efficiency, competitive market positioning, and strategies to drive revenue growth with Stallion Market Research. Improve your customer experience, whether you follow the “as-a-service” model or traditional sales strategies. Access the competitive landscape within the sector to understand the market’s competitive nature, market size, and shares to take critical operational and financial decisions for your business with Stallion Market Research.

  • Market share of competitors

The global landscape for hardware, software, and I.T. service, including technology innovation is led by the U.S.  Stallion Market Research has observed that the cloud migration services market which was valued at 120 billion in 2020 is expected to grow to USD 405 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 27.5% over the forecast period 2021 to 2025. Business dynamism, robust institutional pillars, financial strategies, and the innovative ecosystem provide it a competitive advantage. Innovation is the trademark for competitiveness as it leads to generating advanced technologies to enhance the productiveness of businesses.

  • Product portfolio analysis

Stallion Market projects PCaaS or P.C. as a service market to reach USD 140 billion by 2024 at a CAGR of 55%. The PCaaS market is segmented into hardware, software, and services based on the offerings. The software offerings include operating systems, security software, asset management, and other factory-installed software. Enhance market value by pacing up the industry dynamics and understand the trends in demand growth with Stallion Market Research.

  • Revenue analysis

Hardware, software, and I.T. services as a business sector can help other industries stay updated with the latest security technologies. Without a front-loaded capital expense, it allows customers to realize ROI. The “as-a-service” model is beneficial for those companies that can migrate risk out of their I.T. departments and have a low spending capacity. With the best-in-class market intelligence, Stallion Market Research can help you track key business developments and generate revenue-driven business strategies and operations.

Geographic Coverage

The global market of hardware, software, and I.T. services can be classified through applications, types of products, and regions. Stallion Market Research can provide access to the global perspective of the comprehensive market covering 50+ countries. Identify the key growth segments for investment using the latest market research findings. Create regional and country-based strategies using local insights and analysis from Stallion Market Research.

  • Global reports

Manage, and analyze geospatial data from Stallion Market Research to offer robust hardware, software, and I.T. service capabilities at a global geographic scale. The hardware, software, and I.T. services sector can help companies with computer systems design, development, integration, and other associated services, including business function outsourcing, data warehousing, and more. Stallion Market Research’s global computer hardware and software industry reports provide quantitative and qualitative market research services for the U.S., China, Japan, India, South Korea, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, and other industry-leading countries.

  • Regional reports

By region, the global hardware, software, and I.T. services market can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific region, Central & South American, and Middle East & Africa. Though the U.S. industry is fragmented, the 50 largest companies contribute about 40% of the overall revenue. Optimize your business outreach with Stallion Market Research’s research solutions to promote your products or services effectively. Grow your business by understanding the local market through Stallion Market Research.

  • Country reports

Create regional and country-specific business operations to identify opportunities particular to the hardware, software, and I.T. services sector. Benchmark your business performance based on top competitors to move ahead in the business market across different countries. Stallion Market Research covers over 50+ countries worldwide to offer the latest market research findings across the globe. Estimate profitability and revenue generation with sales forecasts for your products or services worldwide with Stallion Market Research.

Market Dynamics

Cloud solutions offer various solutions but can be exposed to substantial risks, including privacy, theft of intellectual property, and identity. The hardware, software, and I.T. service sector has become data-driven and more real-time to create more business value. Optimize your business operation, identify business opportunities and ensure remote access efficiency with computer hardware and software industry research from Stallion Market Research.

Hardware, Software, and I.T. Service Trends and Forecasts

Stallion Market Research predicts that cloud services demand will continue to grow along with the I.T. and telecommunication services. The scope for I.T. infrastructure services is also expected to gain pace. Digital technologies will continue to be prominent and critical for economic growth and security and maintain the global market’s competitiveness. Our findings show that the global digital economy is worth between USD 11-12 trillion and is equivalent to nearly 15% to 16% of global GDP. Embrace business intelligence with Stallion Market Research to effectively channel your products and services through the latest trends and forecasts.


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In 2018, global tech spending was forecasted to be between USD 3000 to 3300 billion. The international technology market includes telecom services, Harvard maintenance, software development, system integrations, and more. Get a holistic view of the hardware, software, and I.T. service sector with Stallion Market Research. Write to us at [email protected].