Eggcellent Concept of Egg Powder

The ‘Egg’cellent Concept of Egg Powder

We have heard of baking powder, washing powder, dusting powder, and more. But have you ever heard of egg powder? If yes, then you are lucky, if not no worries, you are about to have your mind blown. Let us address the main question in everyone’s mind. 

What is egg powder?

Egg powder which is also called a ‘dry egg’ or ‘Ersatz egg’ are eggs that are dehydrated and turned into a powder that ends up having a longer shelf life, and also is easy to store. This powder can be used as a food supplement which would fulfill the equivalency of one egg a day. This powder is quite popular in the consumer goods market and is used in restaurants, regular cooking, military bases, hospitals, hotels, bakeries, and a lot more.

How is it made?

Eggs go through quite an interesting process before they get converted into egg powder. The machines used in the process are highly advanced and help quicken the process. It starts with the initial removal of eggshells. 

After this, the contents of the egg are filtered (whole egg, yolk, or whites) and then stored in a  storage tank which is kept at about 4 degrees. After ensuring that a room is prepared with high temperature to help promote the evaporation of water from the eggs, the filtered content is spray-dried and pasteurized into a fine layer. The high-pressure spray dryer then gives out the final dried and powdered egg.

What are its benefits?

Egg powders are popular due to a variety of reasons, however, there are a few benefits too which are really helpful to the people who opt for them. Here are some of its benefits:

Low costs

When compared to a normal whole egg, egg powders are a lot more economical. Based upon consumption and comparison, it would definitely be lighter on your pocket if you are the type who consumes eggs on a daily basis.

Mess-free and personalized

Egg consumption varies from person to person. While some require whole eggs, some may have been advised to simply have egg whites or egg yolks. Instead of going through the process of breaking shells and separating the yolk and whites, you get personalized powders which are either made of whole eggs, whites, or yolks. This also helps reduce wastage since usually the yolks that are separated from whites get thrown or disposed of.

Greater shelf life

A normal whole egg has a shelf life of about a month, if used after that, the chances of cracking open a bad egg or perhaps consuming bacteria are high. This is why in most cases such eggs need to be gotten rid of after a month. However, egg powders have an extended shelf life of eighteen months! If the pack is sealed properly, it can even go up to 10 years, provided it is stored in a cool and dry space far away from direct sunlight.

Mess-free storage

Since this is in powder form, storing this becomes very easy. When it comes to storing a dozen eggs, it tends to take up space and you need to keep it in an area, free from the possibility of damage or cracking. Having a single cracked egg can get messy. Imagine having to transport eggs in huge numbers? The amount of care and stress that goes into this is huge. Storing this in a powder format reduces the amount of space needed and can be kept with other kitchen essentials.

While there are several benefits, there has been one concern about egg powder which has been the possibility of it getting contaminated due to poor hygienic conditions. However strict policies and rules have been implemented and are constantly being made better in order to ensure that this almost doesn’t happen and eventually results in guaranteed quality.

Market value and future potential 

According to global research companies, the demand for egg powder has significantly increased in cosmetics, pet food, animal feed, and personal care products. 

As per a market research report by Stallion Market Research, the global egg powder market currently stands at USD 1.55 billion and is expected to reach USD 2.43 by the year 2030 with a compound annual growth rate of 4.60% and is expected to eventually have a higher growth rate during the forecast period.

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