Oat Benefits

Oat Benefits And The Difference Between Regular And Organic Oats

You may have seen a lot of health enthusiasts, celebrities and friends often start their day with a bowl of oats filled with a variety of fruits. This is something that seems to be recommended by several people, but you aren’t very sure as to why? While this goes on in your mind, another question pops up on whether you should choose regular or organic oats. Well, stop, relax, and do not worry, you are about to get all your questions answered. 

Before the pandemic arrived, there seemed to have been a keen interest in organic products in the consumer goods market. However, after Covid-19 struck us, there has been an additional increase towards this concept since everyone’s primary goal has been good health. This pandemic has acted as a rude reality check and has made people understand the importance of life and why you must do your best to take care of it. 

One such product that has seen a significant rise in interest is oats. So obviously the question of whether or not you should opt for this does pop up in the mind. Several consumers also wonder if they should go for regular or organic oats. Before we answer that, let us understand the difference between the two, shall we?

How Different are Organic Oats from Regular Oats?

Well, that is a trick question. Truth be told, there are not just two but eight types of oats. But among them, the most popular is the debate between regular and organic oats. 

When it comes to making oats, both types of oats go through the same process of getting baked, steamed, rolled, and cut into flakes. The primary difference between both is the process of how it is grown. Regular oats are in all probability subjected to factors such as chemicals or genetic modification. 

However, when it comes to organic oats, there are very strict laws set by the U.S Department of Agriculture that promotes guaranteed quality and must be followed. Not following this can lead to major consequences. The rules include the fact that the oats must be grown through organic farming methods, green manure fertilizers, and natural pest control methods.

Which One is Better?

While this is for you to decide, all we can do is provide facts. If you are the type who is conscious about what goes into your body and wants to be sure that it is pesticide and adulteration-free, then organic oats are the way to go for you. 

Most consumers opt to choose organic over regular due to this simple fact. However, one of the reasons people might hesitate is the price factor. Since growing organic oats takes a lot more time and effort, they are expensive when compared to regular oats. 

What are the Benefits of Having Oats?

Oats have been used for years not just to eat, but also for skincare, cosmetics, and hair care purposes. In fact, it is also being used as plant-based milk to help substitute regular milk. It is healthier and a great option especially if you are vegan. Here are some of the other health-related benefits associated with oats:

Good for the Heart

As per a study conducted by Mohsen Meydani and colleagues from the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging (HNRCA) at Tufts University in Boston, oats contain ‘Phenolic antioxidants’ which help reduce the ability of bad cholesterol to stick onto the artery walls. Thereby reducing clogging of arteries. This is why this is often recommended.

Helps Blood Pressure and Circulation

Oats also contain Avenanthramides, which is an antioxidant associated with boosting the production of nitric oxide in the body. This in turn helps lower and stabilize blood pressure. It is also known to help make blood circulation better and on a separate note contains anti-inflammatory benefits.

Gives you Satiety

Since oats are highly rich in fiber, this helps bring about the feeling of satiety which is essential in the cases of weight loss or to simply help avoid snacking unnecessarily. By making you feel fuller for longer periods you will not have regular cravings towards other food items.

Market Value and Future Potential

Since there has been a significant rise in consumption of organic products, there has also been a significant want towards organic oats. However, the declining plantation of oats seems to have become a restraining factor of the organic oats market. Despite this, the global organic oats market is anticipated to reach great growth levels. As per a market research report by Stallion Market research, the global organic oats market value is currently at USD 260 million and is estimated to reach USD 478.97 by the year 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.30%. 

While production may have taken a hit due to the pandemic, it is only expected to rise slowly since health awareness has been increasing and life is beginning to return to normal at a slow but steady pace.

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