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Digital Health Pros and Cons

Digital Health: Pros and Cons

Digital health is an industry that has soared to new levels due to the pandemic situation. While it was prevalent earlier, the amount of attention it has received in the last year and a half has been phenomenal. Since social distancing is being promoted, this concept has taken flight a lot more during this time than in the past. Hence patients have now started availing medical services not just nationally but even internationally due to the power of digitization. This has become the reason for so many new jobs and has added to the generation of revenue in the medical world thereby helping our economy as well.

Digital health is inclusive of several medical care programs that understand the history and pattern of patients and as per that information creates a more personalized and precise health care approach. It also includes factors such as telemedicine, virtual reality, and wearable devices.

What are its pros?

Digital health has introduced several ways through which not only doctors, but we can also make ourselves feel better and be the push that we need. Here are why digital health services can be very useful.

Taking the lead for a healthier life

Through a variety of apps and games that are medically designed, you can get the motivation you are looking for to help with changes in lifestyle such as helping to lose weight, eat well, or track your mental wellness. Several apps help track your sleep schedules, eating patterns, oxygen levels, and even menstrual cycles. Even tasks and program charts are prepared for you at the drop of a hat.

Quicker test results

Due to the involvement of digital health, you can get test results emailed or even texted to you within hours of taking it without having to worry about traveling to a hospital for a hard copy.

Important reminders

Apps can be programmed in such ways that they can help keep a track of things that you may or may not forget during the year. Tasks such as reminders for yearly tests, regular medication, and reminders to stretch or hydrate yourself act like an on-the-go virtual assistant that will tend to all your needs. This is especially helpful for older adults who may tend to forget certain medicines that need to be consumed at a particular time.

Live updates.

Through wearable devices, certain measurements like blood sugar levels, weight, blood pressure, oxygen levels and a lot more can constantly be monitored which can help your doctor give you real-time insights and stay updated to give you advice as and when necessary.

What are the cons?


Several citizens worry that by creating such apps, one’s data gets out on the internet and can become a risk. Since most apps require you to fill in the background information of your past medical records or other basic information, consumers worry that this can be misused.

Cannot avail complete access

Since consultation is done through a phone or video call, one can only hope to get a basic consultation for a health concern. Getting blood tests, x-rays, ultrasounds, ECGs and more can only be done when physically present in a hospital.

Market value and potential

As per a marketing report published by Stallion market research, the global digital health market currently stands at USD 97 billion and is estimated to grow with a compound annual growth rate of 14.55%.

Due to the growing population and increase in smartphone usage, the digital health industry is expected to soar and reach new heights in the coming few years.

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