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Cannabis Testing And What Goes Into It

Cannabis Testing And What Goes Into It

Cannabis, which also goes by the name marijuana, is a flowering plant that has gathered quite a bad reputation over the years which resulted in it getting banned in most countries. A plant that originated in Central and South Asia has been known since ancient times and even has a few mentions of it in certain stories of the ancient gods. This plant is known for its psychoactive, fibrous, and medicinal properties. Over the years with quite a few studies, the actual benefits of this plant have slowly started coming into a positive light.

With the usage of cannabis being made legal in certain parts of the world for medicinal and other country and state-issued uses, the responsibility of ensuring that safe and good quality of it is being sold also arises.  When cannabis was made legal in the year 2016 in California, it saw a huge leap in the number of cannabis producers, vendors, and even entrepreneurs. But along with it came instances, and complaints of fake or contaminated cannabis being circulated, due to the market functioning with hardly any supervision. Cannabis not only became a part of the consumer goods market that contributed to the economy but also something that came to be loved by people. This is why ensuring that it is safe and high in quality also became a huge priority.

What goes into Cannabis testing?

There are three types of Cannabis testing. Analytical Chromatography (GC, HPLC), Mass Spectrometry (MS), and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR). Every single batch of cannabis sold in California had to be tested for about a hundred contaminants. There is a strict list of no tolerance pesticides which if found can lead to a vendor or business getting permanently banned. Through lab tests, the goal is to screen every batch of cannabis for potency and levels of THC and CBD, pesticides, mold, unwanted contaminants, and more. Every single test is done by technicians who are trained and have diverse expertise since all processes in these tests need to be done carefully, every action is accounted for and one must be extremely sure before concluding that a batch meets compliance standards.

Why is it important?

Consumer is king

The safety of consumers is always of the highest priority. Consumption of bad or harmful cannabis can prove to be harmful to human life. Cannabis testing eliminates this possibility and ensures that what goes onto the shelf is safe.


Even though Cannabis has been made legal in California, it must meet California State regulations. If it does not, chances are you and the place or person you purchased it from may have to face legal consequences. Cannabis testing makes sure what you have in hand is legal.

Helps build reputation

While Cannabis may be legal in California, the majority of the world still looks upon this as unorthodox. Through laws and regulations in place along with compliant consumers, chances are its credibility will increase over time.

Market value and potential.

The global Cannabis Testing market forecast is said to increase hugely in about 5 years. According to a market forecast report by Stallion market research, the global Cannabis Testing market currently stands at USD 1.3 billion and is projected to grow at 10.2% annually from the year 2020to 2030.

While the market growth is imminent, there are concerns that lack of uniformity in following rules and regulations and high costs that go into testing might slow or reduce market growth in the future. Only compliance, new innovative testing ways, and awareness levels would determine this market’s fate. 

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