Couverture Chocolate

Couverture Chocolate And The Magic Behind It

Here is a question for you, is there any dream that a five-year-old and a fifty-year-old can share? No? 

Well, put a slab of chocolate in front of both and you will see the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Two people not talking to each other? Offer them chocolate! Someone not talking to you? Offer them chocolate! Chocolates have a magical property of not only melting in your mouth but also melting hearts. Chocolate is the one thing that adults, both young and old will always enjoy irrespective of their mood or time of the day. Therefore, the demand for chocolate never seems to cease and every single day new types of chocolates are being created and put out in the consumer goods market to help satisfy the ever-growing demand for chocolates. 

Several new types of chocolate desserts, cakes, and sweets are being made to help satiate the love of chocolate so your taste buds can dance, and this can become as delicious of an affair as possible. One such type of chocolate created is couverture chocolate. Intrigued by the name of it? You will find yourself a lot more intrigued when you hear what it is all about.

What is couverture chocolate?

There are mainly two types of chocolates. Compound chocolate and Couverture chocolate. Both taste great but if you are in the mood to just enjoy a simple chocolate preparation, then chocolate compound is the way to go for you. But if you have plans of impressing a crowd and being at the receiving end of some ‘wows’ and ‘oh gods’ then chocolate couverture is what you should go with.

But before all this, let us understand what chocolate couverture is. This chocolate is of very high quality and is known to have a higher percentage of cocoa butter in comparison to normal chocolate compounds. It also includes emulsifiers, sugar, cocoa solids, and milk powder if this milk is chocolate-based. However, to be recognized as couverture chocolate, this chocolate must contain 35% cocoa solids and 31% cocoa butter. Without this, this chocolate cannot be labeled as couverture chocolate. If the tempering process is done well, this chocolate can give a subtle creamy taste, glossy shine, and even gorgeously melt in your mouth. 

Where is couverture chocolate used and how?

Couverture chocolates have a higher percentage of cocoa butter due to which it cannot simply be melted down. A process called tempering needs to be done so that the chocolate sets well and impresses. This chocolate is mainly used to prepare items such as truffles, bonbons, pastries, and confections. This is why couverture chocolate is used by chefs in restaurants and bakeries for coating, dipping, garnishing, and molding confections thereby impressing customers and coming up with lip-smacking desserts. Also known for its creamy mellow flavor, this type of chocolate is a hit among several consumers. 

Should you give couverture chocolate more preference?

That honestly depends upon your comfort levels with taste, price, and what kind of audience you wish to entertain. Couverture chocolate is more expensive in comparison to a normal chocolate compound, so it is only after your assessment of the situation can this factor be decided. However here are some interesting reasons why couverture chocolate is used which are associated with health:

Great for the heart

As per healthcare research reports, it is believed that real dark couverture chocolate helps reduce the chances of Arteriosclerosis by discouraging the thickening of walls in the arteries of the heart. By doing so, blood flow is not affected and the blood circulation cycle continues freely.

Great for skin

Since chocolate couverture contains a higher percentage of cocoa butter, the flavonoids in cocoa butter help with improving the health of your skin. It also brings a radiant glow to your skin and helps in anti-aging.

Strengthens teeth

Another interesting health benefit associated with chocolate couverture is that it contains a substance called Theobromine which helps strengthen a person’s tooth enamel layers. So, in an ideal scenario, you could say in a way that every bite of couverture chocolate could strengthen your teeth. Just kidding, please do not use this as an excuse to get away with eating chocolate.

Market value and potential

Before the pandemic hit, chocolate couverture had a very high demand, especially from restaurants and hotels. However, after Covid-19 came into the situation, several sources of demand either stopped or got completely shut due to which the demand for couverture chocolate drastically reduced. Other factors such as disruption in material acquiring and production also have affected the supply. Despite this, as per market forecasts, the global chocolate couverture market is expected to slowly pick up and do well now that restaurants and hotels are beginning to open slowly in certain parts of the world. As per a market research report by Stallion Market research, the global chocolate market value is estimated to reach USD 170 billion by the year 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 5%.

We hope it will not take too long for everyone to go back to their love affair with this chocolate.

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