A Revolutionary Change In Education

A Revolutionary Change In Education, All Because Of A Pandemic

Revolutionary Change In Education, All Because Of A Pandemic, No one could have ever imagined that online education systems would be adopted and accepted worldwide. School benches are now comfortable tables or sofas, blackboards are presentations and professors are virtual. There have been several online education platforms and virtual courses available in the past to access, but the preference of every person is to enroll themselves in a class where they are physically present.

Due to the danger posed to citizens due to the virus, schools were indefinitely shut. However, a solution had to be found to continue classes as everyone’s future depended on it. After springing into action, the concept of online education and examination was adopted by almost every school. At least until the pandemic subsided or reduced to a good extent.

What advantages has online education provided?

Due to online education proving to be beneficial, some schools and universities have taken decisions to implement it permanently as an option. Thereby being beneficial for both schools and students.


Due to several costs getting saved due to a class being online, the prices of online education have been a lot more affordable than the traditional method of offline education. This has helped encourage more students to apply.


For universities, accepting online education has helped bring in a lot more diversity in the student count and a general increase in the number of enrollments. This has not only helped increase revenue but also created a lot of job opportunities.

Ease for professionals

Due to online education, the pressure of attending something then and there has reduced phenomenally. Since classes can be pre-recorded or recorded during a live session, students who are also working professionals can access the lectures later on whenever they get a moment or fix a time every day to attend as per their convenience.

Have there Been any Disadvantages of Online Education?

There will always be pros and cons to everything. Here are some of the disadvantages associated with online education:


Even though a lot of new online classes have popped up, along with it the concern of how valid and recognized the course is has also popped up. While you may be promised and told that the course is valid and authentic, the truth can only be known after you enroll. However, the chances of this happening are not as much as long as you do your research before registering.

Less Socialization:

One of the reasons offline education is preferred is because one could work on their socializing skills. By making friends, sharing opinions, and working on projects one could help develop relationships, leadership, and communication skills. Even though this can be done virtually, the true benefits of human interaction can only happen face to face.

Lack of Push:

In offline education, a professor observes and notes if a particular student has trouble or is falling behind. In such a situation, a push is often necessary for a student to do better. However, with online education, gaging this has become tough since understanding body language through a camera is hard.

Market and Future Potential

As per a market research report by Stallion Market research, the global online education market value is currently at around USD 228 and is estimated to reach USD 336 billion by the year 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 10.15%.

The online education system is expected to continue gaining popularity irrespective of the pandemic situation. With such a revolutionary way that can help reach students all over the world, the number of courses and options is only expected to increase.

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